Treasure Island

3d modelling / animation / Compositing

Treasure Island is a story told through the eyes of young Jim who after a series of events finds himself on an adventure for buried treasure. As an assignment for VFS, we were tasked with creating a motion title sequence for this harrowing coming-of-age story that not only entices the viewer but gives clues to the adventure to come. I chose to utilize visuals from pivotal moments of the story such as the apple barrel, ship, map and most importantly the treasure itself.



  • 3D Modelling

  • Animation

  • Compositing

  • Post Production


  • Cinema 4D

  • After Effects



Using Cinema 4D I modelled all the pieces I chose to highlight the story of Treasure Island. To create the sandy look and build depth I rendered multiple passes which included the sand texture, glints and noise and composited them in After Effects. In addition to the sandy look, I wanted to use colour and tone to convey the moody, mysterious atmosphere of Treasure Island.